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Started in the year 2018, our mission is to promote talented Startups, SMEs and Individuals by publishing their positive stories in the global media space and simultaneously helping Global digital PR News industry. To do so we have launched and market hundreds of regional and mainstream news publishers in India, UAE, USA , Malaysiya and UK. Maxtern Media created a bridge between deserving businesses and mainstream media.

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Who Are We?

We Revolutionise Indian Digital PR Industry by launching hundreds of regional and mainstream online publishers to PR Domain.

Our humble but ambitious journey actually started in the year 2014 when a Mumbai based client of ours who belonged from the wellness industry, approached us to get a news article published and distributed on behalf of their brand. Following our market research and experience, in 2017 we started forging a network of our own, made up of regional and mainstream news channels. In about two years, by the end of the year 2019, we had managed to stitch partnerships with 55+ Indian mainstream and regional news channels.